Kuhlmann Construction is one of Arizona’s top commercial pool builders also specializing in commercial pool remodeling. Whether its commercial, institutional or public spaces we are able to undertake many diverse pool & spa building projects because we have the necessary technical skills and tools needed to be successful regardless of the size of the project.

Our projects can encompass pools and water features for resorts, hotels, theme parks, YMCA’s, communities, institutions, retail centers and apartment complexes. Kuhlmann Construction has all the qualifications to meet your schedules and requirements.

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custom pool constructionIt’s time to build your pool. Each phase will fascinate you as we bring the pool to life. Following is an outline of what the journey will entail:

An experienced project manager will visit your yard in preparation for excavating the pool. He will use a laser level to calculate elevations and check critical measurements. This will ensure that the pool is placed correctly and that proper drainage is accounted for. Next, the shape of your pool will be outlined on the ground with spray paint and forms will be set for the excavator to use when digging the pool. The location of the pool equipment will also be marked.

This is an exciting day for many homeowners because they can see their new pool taking shape for the first time. A dump truck and a tractor will arrive to dig the pool. Believe it or not, we can drive our smallest tractor through a typical four-foot gate! In most cases, we can excavate your pool in just one day.

All of the lines for your pool filtration system, cleaning system, spa and water features will be installed using only the highest quality “Schedule 40” PVC pipe and then we hydrostatically pressure test it to ensure that there are no leaks.

pool constructionSteel Reinforcement  
Kuhlmann Construction engineers our pools to guarantee structural integrity and quality. During the steel phase, we will install the ideal skeletal structure for your pool based on load weights generated by the design and depth of your pool. Block spacers and tie wires will hold the steel approximately three inches above the soil to place the steel curtain in the middle of the pool’s concrete shell and maximize the strength of the pool shell.

A 6 to 12 inch deep trench leading from your existing electric panel to the pool equipment area will provide a space to install the proper wiring. A copper ground wire will be used to ground any metal fences, wrought iron, motors, metal window frames or any other metal within five feet of water’s edge. Kuhlmann Construction takes extra steps to insure your safety.

Municipality Inspections  
In most cases, this is the time for your first city inspection. The inspector will ensure that any applicable local, national or international codes are met. Once the pool passes the inspection, a “green tag” or written authorization to continue construction will be issued.

Kuhlmann Construction will apply or “shoot” the concrete shell of your swimming pool. We use pneumatically applied shotcrete to ensure the highest tensile strength and longevity. Our truck or “rig” will pump the shotcrete through a large hose, which our expert craftsman will use to apply the material. The thickness of your shotcrete will be determined by our engineered plans and is designed to withstand a lifetime of use.

Water Features and Hardscapes  
It’s time to add the fun stuff! If you’ve added a rock waterfall or other water feature, it will be installed at this stage. If you’re adding fire pits, barbecues, masonry benches, bee hives or other “Hardscapes” items to your outdoor living space, these will be installed prior to the deck phase.
At this time also, we will ensure that gas lines, landscape lighting and landscape feed linesor sleeves are finished. Our team can coordinate efforts with your landscaper before the deck is formed and poured.

Deck and Tile  
You’re almost there! In most cases, the deck will be formed and poured before the waterline tile is installed, although in some cases, tile may be installed first. If you’ve invested inPlatinum Deck, we will install the surface after the concrete cures.

A crew will be on site to clean up all of the construction debris and fill in the trenches created during the process of building your new Pool.

Final Municipality Inspections  
Before we finish the interior surface, a final inspection by the city will take place to make sure all of the barriers comply with code. The inspector will notify Kuhlmann Construction of this date.

Interior Finish  
The day has finally arrived when Kuhlmann Construction's interior crew begins to apply your interior surface. If you have chosen a plaster product, this takes only a few short hours and then water will begin flowing! If you chose a Pebble surface, we will fill your pool the next day.

Pool Start-up and Orientation  
After the pool interior is completed, we’ll perform a mechanical startup to get the equipment running and the water flowing. We will also label valves and make the necessary adjustments to ensure the proper operation of your equipment.

Once the startup equipment is installed and running, a Kuhlmann Construction representative will provide a thorough and professional orientation on the proper use, care and maintenance of your equipment. Proper care will result in many years of trouble-free enjoyment.

You are now ready to enjoy your pool and Kuhlmann Construction has had the pleasure of bringing your idea into life!


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